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Katie, 21 – Female. November 2015

First, everything was exactly what I needed. I came to learn skills to help me with my addiction to alcohol and also uncover the reasons for my drinking. I needed coping skills to help me make peace with my past and have hope for the future.

The admissions team was beyond incredible and helpful. They answered all of my questions and were very understanding and kind. They went above and beyond in getting me into detox and immediately to The Center and I could not be more grateful! Every member of my treatment team wa fantastic! I am so grateful and amazed by the whole staff at The Center and my primaries helped me more than I ever could have imaged.I really liked how my primaries were all in touch about my progress, it made every one on one and group session flow very smoothly. My medical team was very helpful and clear and taught me a lot about nutrition, addiction, and physical health and well-being.

I just want to emphasize how amazing my experience here was, it has truly helped me on my road to recovery and feeling hopeful about my future. The entire program is set up in a very strategic manner addressing all of my needs and emotions. I highly recommend The Center to anyone who needs help for addictions, depression, trauma or any other issue. I will always be grateful for this experience. Thank you!!!


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