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Karen, 47 – Female. July 2016

My treatment team was exceptional. Though I recognize that I was the one doing the hard work and was responsible for my own healing, I could not have accomplished my goals without the support of my team.

I worked most closely with my primary counselor, and I cannot say enough wonderful things about her. I appreciated her approach, honesty and knowledge about the many psychiatric medications I was taking when I came to The Center. She educated me on the medications I had been taking for several years, and I now have a better understanding of how I will advocate for myself when I return to my provider at home.

The two most beneficial groups for me were BIB and DBT. In fact, I will be searching for a DBT group in San Antonio when I return home. Outside of these two groups, the one-on-one sessions were critical. I was very happy to have multiple one-on-ones per week on my schedule with my treatment team.

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