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Kamilah, 32 – Female. February 2017

My number one primary goal in coming was to finally be in a safe place to process my trauma where I could really just talk about it and be 100% honest and vulnerable and have all the support I needed while doing so.

Everyone I talked to in Admissions was very thorough and helpful in answering all of my questions (and I had a lot). They also were reassuring to my mother, which I appreciated. It was nice to talk to such kind people and have it not feel fake. When I got to The Center I knew it was not just an act because everyone at The Center was just as kind.

My treatment team was AMAZING!!! I do not say this lightly but I truly do believe that God hand picked everyone for me from all my therapists and doctors down to having Randi check my meds and take my blood draws. I really felt like I could just be me and not judged or condemned for any of my thoughts, feelings or past.

My medical team was great. Everyone was very attentive to my needs. I am leaving feeling so much more empowered about taking control of my health and advocating for myself.

Grateful and so thankful.




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