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Julie, 49 – Female. October 2017

I came the The Center because I of my broken marriage. I had given up after suffering years of emotional abuse and I was completely depleted. Every morning when I would wake up and I would realize I was awake I would began to cry realizing I would somehow have to make it until bedtime home alone and single with 2 teenagers that I desperately loved but had no way to feel I was adequate to handle anything. I had just been shamed for 4 months by my church and I was despairing isolated and filled with darkness and shame. I came to The Center because the admission’s individual with whom I spoke, their words were so life giving that I was hoping God would help me here.

The admissions team was loving, compassionate, encouraging, patient, gentle and wise. The admissions director truly infused hope into my heart and made me feel so valuable and gave me peace. She spoke words of life to me and she truly knocked some shame off of me that was trying to crush me. She believed for me things I could not yet believe. She prayed for me and sent me scripture. She helped give me a countdown that helped me stay focused on getting here. The times I would be filled with fear and panic and worry and write incredibly long and anxious emails she always lovingly and gently let me know that she understood and she comforted me and really each interaction she reduced shame, infused hope and peace into my heart! Another member of the admission team’s loving and kind encouragement to bring my guitar was a HUGE blessing and a true part of my healing!! This dynamic duo lets the kindness and gentleness of Christ shine through them so brightly and truly helped guide me here!

You helped save my life, my marriage and you have forever changed my life and my marriage!! My children will be loved so much more deeply and fully in healthy ways. I know God will use this to break Generational curses and sins in our families!! Dr. Jantz forever thank you and may God pour HIS mighty favor on you and every single person who works here and walks through your doors!! Come to Charlotte NC and do seminars!! We will help! You all have given me comfort and love from God and I will take this and go and comfort myself, my marriage my precious children and the people God brings though my life. Thank you for my life. I will go and live a VERY meaningful life with purpose!!

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