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Jennifer, 43 – Female. January 2016

At the time I arrived, my goal was just to feel better. I was so miserable. I didn’t even know how to put words on it. I just wanted to feel better. I found out in my initial admission that I wanted to be a better wife, mother and servant. Yet, I didn’t even mention ME. How telling that is now. My goals now would be so different, but it just shows how much I have grown.

The admissions team was wonderful. I think I knew exactly what to expect, and that so decreased my anxiety about coming here. My first day was already overwhelming, but I feel it made my first day less overwhelming being “educated” before hand in such a respectful and thorough manor.

My treatment team was wonderful!!!! I truly received the whole person approach. I appreciate that my spiritual growth was very much attended to. Recovery and self -esteem work were vital and so helpful for me. Yet, they all helped me with all of it. Arvin was like the loving Grandfather. I have nothing negative to say about any of them. My team doctor helped me more than any doctor has helped me in over 13 years. He gave me a new diagnosis of bipolar, which was scary at first. He walked me through it as did other team members. They were all supportive, helpful, and seemed to truly care about me and my success.

Each team member went out of there way for me. My secondary doctor helped me already feel better, and I know, because of her, what I need to do in the future to continue to feel better. I sensed it from everyone here. They were all extremely helpful.

I am leaving a different person. I am not “cured”. I never thought that would happen. Yet, if I keep putting in the effort, which I know I will……I will continue to grow and change. I’m certainly more full of peace than I honestly have been in the past 13 years. I truly am hopeful for the future. I could not have said that when I came. Thank you is not enough, but thank yo so very much.


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