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Jeannie, 41 – Female

I came to The Center • A Place of HOPE to work on my marriage and relationship issues. From the start, the admissions team was very helpful. They worked through all of my questions. The Center helped me to begin taking steps to rebuild my marriage. I feel like I have learned useful tools to help me understand how to strengthen myself and my marriage.

My treatment team was very positive, extremely helpful and they gave me such great education tools to help me work through daily. I was amazed how The Center works to help each individual and their needs. I watched others around me each day get better and better through the process. It was very helpful and I am so happy that my husband and I came to the Center.

I will hold on and use the knowledge that I have learned to reset my life going forward. I have a long way to go, but I will use the beneficial knowledge that I have learned to be a better mom, wife, and woman of God.