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How To De-Stress Your Life [BOOK EXCERPTS]

“Dan was a succcess in every sense of the word. To the average observer this young man had already achieved everything most people think they might want: comfortable home, loving wife, some modest investments that were starting to work — all neatly wrapped in an obsessive, insatiable need to work ten to twelve hours a day in a job where he listened to people spill their guts, share their dreams, confess their iniquities, and plead for his help. Dan was good at providing that help — that was the problem. He was, perhaps, too good….”

It’s Dan’s story that opens “Coming Apart at the Seams,” the first chapter in my book, How to De-Stress Your Life. We live in a fast-paced world that can take its toll on mind, body, and spirit. In this book, and in the excerpts linked to below, it is my hope to help you pave the way to renewed physical, emotional, and spiritual help.

14 Book Excerpts from How To De-Stress Your Life

How to Stress for Success: Dan’s Story Part I

How to Stress for Success: Dan’s Story Part II

Stress Survey: Who Are You?

10 Questions for Finding the Source of Anger, Fear, and Guilt

4 Steps to Healthy Anger Management

6 Myths of Intimacy: How to De-Stress Your Relationships

Feed Your Faith, Starve Your Doubts: The Life of Helen Keller

7 Ways to Grow Through Life’s Storms

The Joy of Confident Living: Refuse to Quit!

6 Disciplines for Eliminating Self-Defeating Attitudes

Redefining Failure as Success

Opportunity: Fan Into Flame Your Gift

Living with Significance: Betty’s Story

Overworked: Tom’s Idea of “Success”

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