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    Healthy Habits, Happy Kids [BOOK EXCERPTS]

    “This book is about kids but written to parents. It’s about childhod, but it’s also about the adult world within which childhood exists. This book is about weight, but it’s also about worth and value. It’s about your child, and it’s also about your family. When I say it’s written to parents, I mean to include all those who have had the privilege to care for children, be they grandparents, guardians, stepparents, or extended family. To paraphrase Psalm 127:4-5, children are a blessing from the Lord! And with that blessing comes God’s charge to love and care for them. With that blessing comes God’s promise to be with you. And you’ll need it, because raising kids can be a challenge.” ~Healthy Habits, Happy Kids

    Sure it sounds cliche, but it’s true — being a parent is the most challenging job in the world. And especially in today’s fast-paced world, parents need all the help we can get! Not because we are incapable, but because we are imperfect. The SOAR concept is one I have seen transform relationships, not only between children and their parents, but between children and the rest of their world.

    14 Excerpts from Healthy Habits, Happy Kids

    Healthy Habits, Happy Kids: Helping Them SOAR

    Giving Your Kids Whole-Person Health

    4 Ways To Keep Your Kids Healthy: What YOU Can Do

    How Brad Learned to SOAR: O is for Optimism

    A is for Active: Tips for Time-Crunched Parents

    A is for Active: Tips for Time-Crunched Parents

    R is for Responsible for My Body

    R is for Responsible for My Emotions

    Parenting Styles: 3 Types to Avoid

    R is for Responsible for My Relationships: Teenagers

    7 Ways to Instill Faith In Your Children

    Healthy Kids: Enlisting the Help of Family

    Healthy Living: Staying On Course

    SOAR Support Checklist

    The Center for Counseling and Health Resources is a treatment center that follows a model of whole-person care, addressing the physical, psychological, emotional, nutritional, fitness and spiritual aspects of each person seeking help through one of our treatment programs.

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