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God’s List: His Judgment on Anger

If you asked me today what are ten things I’m angry about, I could rattle them off rapid fire. I know what makes me mad. This list, however, is not necessarily what should make me mad. My list would probably tell you more about me and my personality than what truly exists in the world as a source of anger.

The ultimate Anger List does not belong to me; it belongs to God.

God determines what is acceptable to be angry about. No matter how right, how justified, how clear cut you may feel your anger is, God is the ultimate judge of its appropriateness. No matter how intensely you feel your anger, the depth and intensity of your emotions do not trump Gods judgment on the matter.

So, what is God’s judgment on anger? What does God deem appropriate to be angry about? Certainly the place to start is Scripture, to see what God himself is angry about. God is angry when:

  • People oppose God’s plans for their lives
  • People use their power to set themselves against God
  • People willfully disobey God’s commands
  • People reject God
  • People fail to trust God
  • People practice idolatry
  • People oppress others
  • People turn away from God
  • People fail to live up to their word

Now, these are some of the things on God’s list, but what do they tell you about your own list? Is there a way to look at what God becomes angry about and determine acceptable areas of legitimate anger for yourself?

SOURCE: Chapter1: “The Role of Anger” in Every Woman’s Guide to Managing Your Anger by Gregory L. Jantz, PhD., founder of The Center for Counseling and Health Resources Inc.

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