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God Can Help You Heal [BOOK EXCERPTS]

“Let go and let God. Although they are but five simple words, they contain the essence of God’s path to healing. For God is the ultimate author of healing, and letting go is a journey, especially when the pain is deep-rooted or long-term or both. It would be nice to think that our topic resonates with only a few, but the truth is that pain, sorrow, and suffering are universal realities in this world.

“The good news is that while th world’s evils may be the source of suffering, God is the source of all healing. As you read, I ask you to believe in the power of God to overcome your problems. This book will address pain, sorrow, and suffering, but it is really about victory — the victory of God to help you find your way to healing.”

It is with this opening to God Can Help You Heal that I close the door on this 15-week series of blog posts featuring excerpts from five of my books, with topics ranging from depression and stress, to body image and raising children. Of course, what is especially nice about this final book in the series is that regardless of the nature of your challenge, God offers the help, hope and healing you need.

14 Excerpts from God Can Help You Heal

Try On a New Sign, One That Reads “Valued By God”

Who I Am: The Truth of the Human Condition

Go to God: Finding a Savior in this Fallen World

By the Grace of God: Jim’s Story, Is It Yours Too?

Hear and Forgive: A Sovereign Act of Power

Turning Negatives Into Postives: Mark’s Story

Spiritual Intimacy Through Christ: God’s Healing Balm of Life

Finding a Common Purpose With a Perfect God

Connections: The Healing Touch of Relationships

Community of Suffering: How Sharing Pain Heals Lives

Healthy Relationships: Refilling Your Bucket

Multifocusing: God as Our Continuum

Healing: Here Comes the Sun

Waiting in Hope

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