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Emily, 23 – Female

I was struggling with depression, suicidal thoughts, stress, anxiety, and I had no idea how to get out of the “hole” I was in. I just knew I needed help; I couldn’t pull out of it by myself. I needed more that just a prescription pill, I needed intense therapy that addressed all aspects of my life – my health, my relationships, my childhood issues, my self-esteem, etc.

I didn’t know exactly how I was going to become well, I just trusted that the experts at The Center knew more than I did. And they did. They knew from experience how to help people like me who were (figuratively) drowning.

The entire staff was WONDERFUL, extremely knowledgeable, caring, and effective at help me get right to the root of my problems and begin to address them in a very targeted way. They were full of practical tools and techniques to use, especially DBT. I had seen counselors before, back home, but I felt as if we spent long hours talking but not ever accomplishing anything. That was NOT the case here.

Having the opportunity to meet with a nutritionist was extremely valuable. I found out that I had a distorted view of what “normal” eating is and she really helped me work through my eating disorder.

This experience has truly changed my life. I wish everyone could come to The Center. I consider myself very lucky.

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