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Devin, 42 – Male. April 2017

My Treatment team were very good at what they do! They each had a different approach or style to helping me. This allowed me to work through my issues to see what worked best for me.

The science behind some topics helped me BELIEVE there was hope. Showing me videos about scientific studies done to deal with my problem gave me concrete proof to focus on. 

It was comforting to know that recovery could be done and that even though it might take years to do it fully, I would see overall improvement as time went by. You can’t say it enough. Practice makes permanent.

I’m grateful to you all. You’ve been an incredible help to me in my darkest time. I wish I could express this better but, thank you. I’m terrified of leaving this place, I don’t know for sure if I’m ready. But you all have at least given me some tools and skills to use in my recovery. Most importantly you gave me hope when I had none. Thank you!

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