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Darla, 53 – Female


The facilitators in groups were greatly equipped to guide us on our healing paths. I enjoyed their calm demeanor working through sessions when a lot of emotions were surfacing. The group dynamic was amazing. The sharing and hearing others share worked things inside me that were of a different dimension than that of the one-on-ones. The Living Well With Faith was a great component.

Thank you for providing the opportunity and environment for healing and change. It has been a life changing event for me. I will never be the same. I have never lived life at this level before. With the healing of past wounds and grieving past losses, I can now live more fully. I can extend more grace to those around me. I can let life be messy (I am going to try to learn how to let life be messy 🙂 Thank you to all involved for this place of healing, those I met and those who work behind the scenes to make all of this possible, THANK YOU!!!           

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