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Charlene, 58 – Female

Sometimes in life, we just need a self care tune up. That’s how I was feeling and it lead me to come to The Center • A Place of HOPE for a second time. Working with the admissions team, they made me feel so comfortable and not embarrassed by feeling like I needed to return. After speaking with them, I knew I was making the right choice in coming back.

My goals were to increase self esteem, gain more knowledge of DBT skills, explore relationship issues I was having, and understand why I relapsed so I could prevent another. Each member of my care team brought a different dimension to the program. I had my very own, customized care team that were focused on my needs and it enabled me to make steady progress on all of my goals. It was wonderful knowing they were focused on ME and my individual needs. The team helped me look deeper into myself than I had ever done before. They helped me strengthen my life skills and fully prepared me for when I would return home. I feel I have grown so much with getting in touch with my emotions, increasing my self-esteem and independent thinking.

I just want to thank everyone at The Center for helping me get “ME” back. Its been a long journey and I couldn’t have done it without this program. I don’t believe there is anything else out there as thorough as the program here, and I have seen quite a few.

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