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Our Need for Control

By: Dr. Gregory Jantz  •  February 22, 2016

There is a wide difference between control and self-control. Many of us would admit to a desire for control in our lives and in fact have developed patterns and behaviors to attempt to achieve it. We’re not as diligent, however, when it comes to incubating an environment as amenable to...

How To Distinguish Between Necessity and Excessity

By: Dr. Gregory Jantz  •  March 28, 2011

Excessity is the impulse that demands immediate satisfaction - the blindness that occurs when comfort is more important than consequences.

How God Provides Help

By: Dr. Gregory Jantz  •  September 29, 2010

Unlike so many of the false promises in this world, the help God gives is effective and tailored to our needs.

How God Provides Endurance: Steve's Story

By: Dr. Gregory Jantz  •  September 17, 2010

When Steve thought he couldn't say no one more time or withstand the growing pressure to succumb to his excessity, he did.

What Patience Is, and What It's Not

By: Dr. Gregory Jantz  •  September 14, 2010

Patience does not give you the power over circumstances; patience allows you to control yourself in the midst of circumstances.

How to Claim Validation, Your Gift from God [1 of 2]

By: Dr. Gregory Jantz  •  September 5, 2010

Each of us has a worth, a value that we did not generate, create, or cause for ourselves. This value is inherent in us as people; this value is a gift from God.

In Money We Trust? What the Bible Says About Wealth

By: Dr. Gregory Jantz  •  August 28, 2010

"In God We Trust" has been engraved on our coins since 1864. But since then it seems we've shifted from trust in God to trust in the coin itself.

Are You Living Like The Princess and the Pea?

By: Dr. Gregory Jantz  •  August 5, 2010

In today's "gotta have it" society, the smallest discomfort can feel like the end of the world, leaving you desperate for relief.

The Excessity of Exercise

By: Dr. Gregory Jantz  •  July 14, 2010

Though an activity that many enjoy in perfect proportion to the rest of their lives, there are some for whom exercise takes precedence over all else.

The Excessity of Shopping

By: Dr. Gregory Jantz  •  July 6, 2010

If you feel deprived, depressed, or anxious when prevented from shopping, it's a problem.

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