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Carrie, 23 – Female. December 2016

The admissions team was great! They help me get ready for coming here and making sure I brought what I needed.

The orientation was a very busy day and we received a lot of information and I believe that it was given in a very well planned manner.

I had an amazing treatment team that help through my journey here and gave me skills that will continue to help me through the rest of my life. My medical team Doctor was amazing I wish I could take her with me she was more than just a nutritionist and helped me to figure out some of the things I would like to try in my life.

I found the DBT to be extremely helpful and I plan to continue with a group when I leave. Before coming here I would never have been able to walk into a group on my own. Having it set up where I came in with other people and we were all in the same boat together I felt more comfortable doing something that I was afraid to do.

The center s a turning point in my life I no longer feel crippled by the unknown. I’m actually starting to enjoy it! If I hadn’t come here I don’t think I would be alive today. I cant even thank everyone here enough. I now know that I can conquer my demons and I will live a happy life and my spirituality and faith in God are returning which is something I never thought I would get back. I am ready for my life and everyone here helped to get me to where I am today. Thank you all!

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