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Best-selling Author Dr. Gregg Jantz Addresses Women’s Anger Issues In New Book

Best-selling Author Dr. Gregg Jantz Addresses Women’s Anger Issues In New Book

After more than a quarter century of counseling women on a wide range of issues, Dr. Gregg Jantz of The Center for Counseling and Health Resources Inc. has seen a common thread running through the lives of many – anger. When not properly accepted and expressed, anger can fuel a lifetime of pain, resentment and fear. Unfortunately, these unresolved feelings are often tied in with other issues that fuel depression, addiction, eating disorders, abuse and more. With his new book, Dr. Jantz hopes to change all that.

In Every Woman’s Guide to Managing Your Anger, Dr. Jantz helps readers finally understand and overcome the unhealthy roots and ramifications of their anger. On every woman’s journey through the book, she will have an opportunity to learn how to:

  • Accept the truth about anger
  • Identify the sources of anger
  • Devise strategies for alleviating anger
  • Take practical steps for addressing challenges that may otherwise lead to anger
  • Allow God’s grace to change past and present anger into joy and appreciation
  • Create an optimistic, hopeful and joyful attitude toward life and all that it brings

“When their anger is done cor rectly,” says Dr. Jantz of women he has counseled, “it is motivating, empowering, cleansing, and effective. When it’s done poorly, it’s addictive, self-perpetuating, alienating, unhealthy, and destructive.”

Every Woman’s Guide to Managing Your Anger is broken down into three parts: 1) “The Root of Anger,” 2) “The Branches of Anger,” and 3) “Uprooting the Anger and Pruning the Branches.”

In 12 chapters Dr. Jantz shares stories of women who have successfully resolved their anger issues through his unique whole-person approach. Only by addressing a woman’s emotional, relational, physical and spiritual needs can she find freedom from anger and other issues that tie and bind her to a life that is less than what she needs and deserves. Also included in the book are exercises for readers to use as a tool for reflecting on the anger issues unique to their lives.

As a best-selling author of numerous books on helping people resolve their personal issues, Dr. Jantz has proven that his professional insights and practical advice can help women (and men) in crisis. In addition to Every Woman’s Guide to Managing Your Anger, other books by Dr. Jantz include:

  • Healing the Scars of Emotional Abuse
  • Happy for the Rest of Your Life
  • How to De-Stress Your Life
  • The Body God Designed
  • God Can Help You Heal
  • The Molding of a Champion
  • Healthy Habits, Happy Kids
  • Total Temple Makeover
  • Thin Over 40
  • Losing Weight Permanently
  • Moving Beyond Depression
  • Hope, Help and Healing for Eating Disorders
  • Turning the Tables on Gambling
  • Too Close to the Flame: Recognizing and Avoiding Sexualized Relationships
  • Becoming Strong Again
  • Hidden Dangers of the Internet
  • The Spiritual Path to Weight Loss
  • 21 Days to Eating Better

To learn more about Every Woman’s Guide to Managing Your Anger, and Dr. Jantz’s other books about depression, eating disorders, addiction, abuse and more, visit our online store.

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