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    Andrew, 53 – Male. December 2015

    I came to The Center because of depression, anxiety and issues with chemical dependency (to detox off benzodiazepenes). I felt the admissions team was outstanding, amazing. Given how busy they must be, I am amazed at how personal they were able to treat my admission, given that they didn’t know me at the time.

    My experience wit my treatment team was very, very good. I felt that I could really relate with my primary, as a treatment counselor and as someone who had gone through my same experience of addiction.

    The medical team was very good as well. I appreciated the professionalism and kindness of my primary doctor, who guided me through the benzo detox process. He gave me a realistic picture of the experience: it wouldn’t be pleasant, but I would get through it. And, I did!

    The Center and the clients are lucky to have this amazing staff. Thank you!!! Highly recommended

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