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Andre, 40 – Male. November 2015

I came to The Center to deal with severe grief and loss as well as professional burnout.

I was in deep depression… at rock bottom and with no hope after a failed suicide attempt. I literally was hopeless… no hope at all. I didn’t know what to do. I just knew I needed help. Serious help. So when I came I was looking for even a little bit of hope. I was hoping for someone to tell me that it was possible to think a different way. That it was possible… even for me… to live life differently. I came here wanting just to get out of hell. But I got so much more. My faith is more alive than ever before in my life. I am starting to believe that God actually likes me and is for me and it is so good for the soul. I am no longer in my person hell, but taking steps along a journey that has found meaning in my pain and suffering, hope that I will someday find my joy again and a desire to connect and live fully in community once again. I know my journey to healing has just started and I have so much work (practice) to do… but I am confident that God has me completely in His hands, that I have the tools to do things differently and the courage to ask for help.

The admissions team was amazing. I dealt with two team members who were both wonderful. One in particular was so kind and helpful. She really made me feel welcome and like coming to the Center was the right thing to do. The other was also a breath of fresh air and I so appreciated her smiling face the first day.

My treatment team was absolutely incredible. I am very impressed with the team here at the Center. Not only were they all so very good at what they do… but they have such compassion and caring… like they are enjoying what they do. It is very refreshing.

I am so grateful and extremely satisfied with my treatment.

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