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Alice, 45 – Female. December 2015

I came to The Center to deal with my current life traumas, grief over my marriage and grief over the death of my mother, life transitions, unpack older and newer wounds.

Regarding the treatment here, Wow! I wish the healthcare system ran in as whole-person a way as The Center. I have always felt something was lacking in what I had tried before. This work intensively done over a few weeks is how I best learn for the kind of person I am and to be able to make and experience true change. Each person of my treatment team was extremely helpful, insightful and considerate of me. On faith and healing issues and on re-centering me in my own reality versus my husband’s – which has been enormously important to my being able to find my own voice. Just amazing!

By the third week, I was struck by the integration I was experiencing from everything I was learning. This is the secret to the Center’s work! This is what is the most beneficial, in my opinion.

The Center is the best kept secret in the Pacific Northwest. I will definitely be sharing my story of how wonderful a place this truly is. This is one of the most inspiring places I can think of. The additional blessing of it being a faith-based center is also for me personally a God-send!So thank you. Everyone played a big part in bringing me nuggets of God-given wisdom all the way throughout. I am most grateful to each of them.

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