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The Center • A Place of HOPE Ranked as a Top 10 Treatment Center

Depression: Top 10 Treatment Centers

From Newsmax – March 2, 2011

Good depression treatment centers generally include a holistic therapy set-up that provides a diet and exercise plan, counseling sessions, talk therapy sessions, recommended medications, motivation tapes, and other materials.

Visiting a depression treatment center is a completely voluntary process that requires deep commitment from both the patient as well as the treatment center.

Each depression treatment center generally has a unique plan of action. While some treatment centers for depression are privately-run, others are managed by non-profit/charitable organizations. There are also those that are run by Christian missionaries and others that are managed by Universities. In addition to the above, there are day treatment centers as well as residential treatment centers for depression to suit the needs of individuals.

Mentioned below are the top ten treatment centers for depression, which are run by private organizations. (Please note that the order does not reflect the quality of treatment.)

1.The Center For Counseling and Health Resources, Washington (The Center • A Place of HOPE)

2.Sierra Tucson Depression Treatment Center, Arizona

3.Hollywood Pavilion, Florida

4.Walden Behavioral Care, Massachusetts

5.Bayridge Anxiety and Depression Treatment Center, Ontario

6.Connecticut Anxiety and Depression Treatment Center, Connecticut

7.YouthCare Residential Treatment Center, Utah

8.Anxiety and Depression Treatment Center, Newport Beach, California

9.Skyland Trail, Atlanta

10.Sunset Malibu’s Depression Treatment Center, Malibu, California

The above list of recommended treatment centers for depression has been chosen based on patient feedback and internet research

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