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Testimonial Snippets

The Center • A Place of Hope

How were you handled when you first called The Center • A Place of HOPE for assistance and information?

With Acceptance

“Excellent – acceptance without feeling of judgment.”

“Very openly and warmly and I knew I had contacted the right place for help.”

“They were great. I was afraid at first, but now I look forward to seeing the smiling faces at The Center.”

“I was treated very well. Everyone was so friendly. I love coming here.”

“Very Helpful! I gained a lot of helpful information, knowledge and skills! Everyone was very understanding and supportive of me right where I was at – physically, spiritually, and emotionally.”

With Kindness

“Lovingly and kindly. My inadequacies and fears were the utmost concern of the staff.”

“Very kindly. I sensed that they were intensely aware of my pain, and they responded with compassion and understanding. There was no cold, clinical approach.”

“Pleasantly, professionally, compassionately. Questions were answered clearly. No pressure to make a quick decision. Options for financing were given. I was made to feel comfortable. Thank you.”

With Understanding

“Very Special! I felt relief that someone really understood and could help me. I knew that they really cared what happened with me.”

“I just wanted to send a note to convey my appreciation for all of the help that the Center has been to me. I have never been to the Center personally, but I have found just over the phone that the employees are genuinely helpful, caring, and understanding.” (from a client’s spouse)

“My experience was excellent. My whole team was on the same page and filled with God’s spirit. I have never felt so safe and accepted in my life.”

With Care

“Never in my life have I felt so safe, so cared for, so loved without any condemnation. The entire team spoke the truth of God’s love into me”

“We were given excellent information about the program. We were left with a feeling of confidence and caring from all of you.”

“Thank you. The caliber of professionalism and caring of The Center’s staff is a model that businesses and other institutions could learn great deal from. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from you.”

“I like and appreciate the friendly smiling faces I see every time I come to The Center for Counseling and Health Resources. I brought my mom and told her that you really do care!”

“I will never forget this. The lady on the phone had such a gentle voice and caring demeanor. I was taken by surprise. I was very impressed.”

What has been your experience with your Christian Team at The Center?


“Excellent, excellent, excellent! I could not say enough good things about the team. Amazing folk especially Mike, Shelia, Melissa, Kath and Dr. B, but the whole team was excellent.”

“When I’ve had a tough time I can walk in here and my spirit just calms down. It is a very serene atmosphere.”

“I thank God this place and Sara exist! Without you I’d think I was going to lose my sanity.”

“How to take in information and not panic to the worst possible conclusions or worry about the unknown.”

“Excellent, straight forward, simple, honest attack on the confusion and fears we had. You have re-taught us how to separate the wheat from the chaff. We don’t hesitate to recommend your services.”

“I would trust my counselor with my life, and I am. She helps me turn stressful situations into easier to handle healthy discussions.”


“Please let the entire staff know how thankful I am that they have been a part of helping me find the man that was lost”

“It was awesome! We love each of them! They have helped our whole family. They were all very warm and encouraging. Each counselor brought something unique to our son.”

“The positive support and encouragement during this time of crisis which we are experiencing.”

“Very supportive, very responsive. Gave me a better sense of direction and a lot of guidance – he’s helped to instill a lot of self confidence and sense of self.”

“You have a great place going and it’s amazing all the teamwork and my team was amazing together. Thank you for everything. I’ve gotten a lot out of this experience. The best decision for myself. Keep up the great work.”

“She is very competent and honest. Her intuition is something wonderful and helpful.
I love my counselor. She has been so wonderful to me. She’s very open, and she really has been sweet, understanding, and helpful.”

“Professional, loving, qualified, my needs were met beyond my expectations.”

“This was such an amazing experience. Truly life changing. The entire staff was so welcoming, encouraging and affirming. First class all the way and just amazingly godly people.”


“Excellent – good care, good advice genuine caring.”

“The way the doctor listens and the caring in their voice. Always has very good suggestions.”

“Excellent. I feel confident that they know what they’re doing and are helping in all areas of my life. I feel very comfortable and cared about.”

“The treatment has been very in depth and helpful. It has always been a loving atmosphere.”

“My treatment team was the best ever. My primary counselor was a perfect fit and I loved her. The other ones were awesome as well.”

“THANK YOU! Thank you for making this opportunity available to me, and thank you to everyone on the team for your dedication to the work you do here. I love you. For serious.”

“Good – All were very professional, caring and compassionate. Address anything and all things needed.”


“The Center was very helpful to me. I gained a great quantity of helpful information, knowledge, and skills. Also, everyone was very understanding and supportive of me right where I was at-physically, spiritually, and emotionally.”

Life Changing

“To those who read this while researching treatment centers and who are fearful of the time, effort + cost of treatment, let me ask you: what is your freedom worth!?”

“I think The Center is a great place and it really changes people’s lives. It’s really awesome that there is a place like this and to provide housing makes it even better. All the counselors are really great. I love it! Thank you so much!”

“I cannot say enough how much my team changed my whole life. I am not even sure they know what impact they made – but they changed my whole view and the ripple effect changed my family.”

“They saved my marriage and changed my life.”

“God is a part of the people I’ve been associated with here. The lifting of the guilt I’ve carried for so long has occurred in a short time. I will always give praise to the Lord that His plans for me included The Center!”

“This was a very worthwhile experience for me. I feel that the Center is a gift from God. Everyone I met and worked with were wonderful.”

“Thank you so much! Your team has changed my life. I am 27 days free of purging or any compulsive eating. I have lost five percent of my total body weight since I have been here and God used your program and team to hold me through startling truths about my family and eating disorder. Blessings to you, and all the team that worked with me.”

“The lord is definitely using this facility and the people working here. This is a place of miracles!”

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