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    Client Testimonials

    The Center • A Place of HOPE

    Testimonials from our Clients


    If you’re wondering what to expect from The Center • A Place of HOPE, read and listen to what others have experienced. We are staffed with world-class, licensed professionals who truly care about your well-being and focus on your recovery utilizing proven, lasting whole-person care. From depression or anxiety, chemical or alcohol addiction, abusive relationships, to eating disorders, post traumatic stress disorder, and more, treatment at The Center • A Place of HOPE is a calm, caring experience that produces long-lasting results.

    Julie, 49 – Female. October 2017

    I came the The Center because I of my broken marriage. I had given up after suffering years of emotional abuse and I was completely depleted. Every morning when I would wake up and I would realize I was awake I would began to cry realizing I would somehow have to make it until bedtime home alone and single with 2 teenagers that I desperately loved but had no way to feel I was adequate to handle anything. I had just been shamed for 4 months by my church and I was despairing isolated and filled with darkness and shame. I came to The Center because the admission’s individual with whom I spoke, their words were so life giving that I was hoping God would help me here.

    The admissions team was loving, compassionate, encouraging, patient, gentle and wise. The admissions director truly infused hope into my heart and made me feel so valuable and gave me peace. She spoke words of life to me and she truly knocked some shame off of me that was trying to crush me. She believed for me things I could not yet believe. She prayed for me and sent me scripture. She helped give me a countdown that helped me stay focused on getting here. The times I would be filled with fear and panic and worry and write incredibly long and anxious emails she always lovingly and gently let me know that she understood and she comforted me and really each interaction she reduced shame, infused hope and peace into my heart! Another member of the admission team’s loving and kind encouragement to bring my guitar was a HUGE blessing and a true part of my healing!! This dynamic duo lets the kindness and gentleness of Christ shine through them so brightly and truly helped guide me here!

    You helped save my life, my marriage and you have forever changed my life and my marriage!! My children will be loved so much more deeply and fully in healthy ways. I know God will use this to break Generational curses and sins in our families!! Dr. Jantz forever thank you and may God pour HIS mighty favor on you and every single person who works here and walks through your doors!! Come to Charlotte NC and do seminars!! We will help! You all have given me comfort and love from God and I will take this and go and comfort myself, my marriage my precious children and the people God brings though my life. Thank you for my life. I will go and live a VERY meaningful life with purpose!!

    Shonda, 45 – Female. August 2017

    Before coming to the Center, I was in a such a deep, dark place of depression and having suicidal thoughts and I didn’t have the tools to climb back out of it on my own.

    I want to highlight the admissions team because made me feel like The Center was the right place for me. That was such a quantum decision for me which I did not think I would ever make. And they helped me make that life-changing decision for which I am so thankful.

    I did my intake with the admissions lead and he was great. He was very calm and supportive and answered all of my questions. I called him back a couple of times with questions and he was very prompt in returning my phone calls and calming my nerves. I also talked to a second admissions team member who was wonderful. She was my go-to person after I decided I was coming to the Center and answered all of my questions about what to expect, what to bring, general questions, etc. They were both great to work with and were so nice.

    My overall experience with the treatment team was excellent. Everybody I worked with and interacted with from the front desk to the clinicians to the therapists were helpful, friendly, and invested in my recovery. I felt like everybody cared about me and everybody at the Center. Everybody listened to me and was very genuine in wanting to help me. I am forever grateful for your love and help. I am a changed person and excited about the future again. Thank you.

    Anthony, 47 – Male. July 2017

    Edmonds is an ideal setting for this facility, the city is very welcoming and inviting and clients don’t feel like they stand out. It is really wonderful to have a place like this to heal. Everyone here on my team and leading the classes I had were excellent. I want to commend the staff here for their patience and ability to provide the space for people to share.

    Just an amazing program that any person struggling should have the opportunity to experience.

    Robin, 33 – Female. July 2017

    I think I had the BEST team. My primary was fantastic. She is so knowledgeable and incorporates a ton of resources and approaches into her treatment. She was so compassionate and understanding of me through my difficult times and made me feel supported and heard. She pushed me so much on self-esteem issues, an area in which I was quite resistant, and it absolutely transformed my thinking. 

    I gained SO much from being immersed in the whole program, particularly the DBT, CBT, and individual sessions. I have done other therapies and programs in the past, and nothing has worked as well as this in changing my thinking and behaviors from the inside out. I am extremely grateful and had a very, very positive experience at The Center

    Raylene, 44 – Female. June 2017

    My review is “Exceptional”!!

    The admissions team was incredible. I felt heard, understood and like what I needed was valid. They were very accommodating. The first day orientation session was great. Very informative, it was well explained and gave all the right information. The treatment team was incredible. My primary was a God send. I have never felt more understood or valued in my entire life than speaking to him in my one on ones. The whole-person approach is really impressive.

    Everything intertwines. In my second week things started to click and I could see why this type of approach is the most beneficial to complete healing. Overall, this is an exceptional program and I recommend it to anyone and everyone.

    Melissa, 38 – Female. June 2017

    My goals were to be able to control or have tools to help my anxiety, panic attacks and depression. I needed help in dealing with grief, loss, guilt and shame as well as relationship issues dealing with emotional and verbal abuse. I also needed help with withdrawals from Ativan.

    The admissions team was great, they got me in immediately which I was hoping for. They also were able to get me my own room with bathroom. It was nice to know that they considered my weakened immune system and inability to walk long distances to get me a place close to the center. They were very caring and detailed to get me into the right classes as well as a team I could really relate to.

    My primary was so caring and really wanted to spend the time to go through everything that I needed without me feeling rushed. She even went the extra mile to bring flower petals, walk down to the pier (in heels 🙂 with me and do a little memorial for my pets. She knew all their names and helped me find the teaching in each ones life and passing. It meant the world to me and I am forever grateful. I really appreciated the fact that I had help 6 days a week, pretty much from 9-5 and quite a few one on ones. I was extremely satisfied with the program.

    Doris, 56 – Female. May 2017

    My primary goals in coming to The Center were to address some long standing emotional hurts. 

    I loved each of my treatment facilitators. Would not change one…but overall it was great having each of them as group counselors!

    Continue to love and transform God’s people…

    Mary, 55 – Female. May 2017

    My admissions team was reassuringly helpful…received answers quickly which helped with decision making while under duress.

    My treatment team at The Center was amazing! Everyone was kind, gentle, understanding and provided appropriate and heartfelt guidance covering emotional, spiritual, health and relational assistance; adding thought provoking questions to help me think, value myself and evaluate my situations and experiences.

    The Center’s holistic approach is what I was looking for as life experience has revealed just how complicated we humans are. I do feel this has helped me come to a point of Hope more quickly and clearly than I had even initially hoped.

    Anna, 26 – Female. May 2017

    My admissions team were very thorough and helpful throughout the whole process. Each time I called, all my questions were answered and everyone seemed happy to help. I never felt like I was bothering anyone with my multitude of questions.

    By coming to The Center, I wanted to address my main issue of depression and anxiety. I wanted to leave with tools to better cope with sever depression and anxiety. I was looking for a way to regroup and get my life back on track and out of the dark hole I was living in at the time. I wanted to learn how to love and accept myself for the person I am. My side issue was to deal with my alcohol abuse.

    The treatment team overall was great! Everyone for the most part was extremely helpful and available when needed. 

    Shelley, 37 – Female. May 2017

    My first day went very smoothly. From beginning to end. I walked in and was greeted by a team member right away. The orientation I felt went well and I got all the information I needed. I liked that my friends were able to stay with me for most of the process and help me through it.

    I feel very fortunate that I connected with everyone on my treatment team. Each one had their own personality and way of helping me. They all helped me tremendously through their approaches with the different issues I have. 

    Thank you to everyone at The Center for all the smiles and support while I’ve been here!

    Joseph, 23 – Male. May 2017

    My experience with my admissions team was amazing! They were very kind and understanding and non judgmental with my original intake. One member in particular did my intake and he made me feel welcome and validated with this being the right choice.

    My primary goals in coming to The Center were to find ways to not let my anxiety and depression consume me anymore. To actually deal with grief of losses and move through them and my self defeating thoughts.

    My treatment team was amazing. They helped me more than I could have ever expected. Obviously I’m not 100% fixed, no one is but they addressed all my issues and helped me find healthy way to move forward. Along with all the skills and tools I learned in groups.

    Matthew, 41 – Male. May 2017

    My primary goals in coming to The Center was to learn the tools I needed in order to change.

    My admissions team was excellent, very supportive and informative!

    I was extremely satisfied with the services I received at The Center.


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