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If you’re wondering what to expect from The Center • A Place of HOPE, read and listen to what others have experienced. We are staffed with world-class, licensed professionals who truly care about your well-being and focus on your recovery utilizing proven, lasting whole-person care. From depression or anxiety, chemical or alcohol addiction, abusive relationships, to eating disorders, post traumatic stress disorder, and more, treatment at The Center • A Place of HOPE is a calm, caring experience that produces long-lasting results.

Scott, 51 – Male. July 2018

The admissions experience was excellent. I contacted The Center on the prior Tuesday and was admitted the follow Monday. They took care of the insurance and everything was seamless. The staff was great and the clients were so welcoming.

Getting to root cause of my grief and anxiety and getting some tools to help me be able to deal with them were my primary goals. The treatment team was absolutely amazing. They were very helpful ensuring that my plan was addressed from my most important issue all the way down the list.

Learning about self compassion, mindfulness and interpersonal skills and emotional regulation were aspects of the program that I found beneficial. This experience changed my life. I’m going home with a whole new outlook and tools and skills to deal with anxiety and interpersonal skills.


Laura, 51 – Female. June, 2018

Admissions was so friendly and made me feel right at home from the first moment we spoke – always available for any questions and always got back with me immediately. Everything was perfect!

The treatment team was loving, kind, compassionate…they never gave up on me. Even when I dropped weight and it was suggested that I might need a higher level of care, they saw the fighting spirit and determination in me and believed in me and prayed with me and encouraged me to keep moving forward because I am worth it! I will never forget them! They helped me remove my mask and learn to be kind and compassionate to both my adult and child self.

I am so thankful to each and every staff member at the Center. I felt drawn here from the moment I saw your website and knew this was where I was supposed to go for healing, even though it was so far away from home. This is truly a healing ministry that you offer and I am blessed that you chose me to be a client here. Thank you for believing in me and accepting me!


Jessica, 25 – Female. May, 2018

I needed each class and every session. The emotional abuse class and CBT really opened up on how I view myself. It gave me the awareness and I’m so grateful for that; without that awareness, I don’t believe everything I’ve learned here would have stuck. It helped me see where I need to start, areas I can grow in, radically shifted my present, and hopefully my future. This place is such a God-send. My future looks completely different and full of hope.

Meagan, 26 – Female. May, 2018

My experience was great! I had a lot of ups and downs, and felt that all the counselors were very patient with me as I rode that roller coaster. I learned a lot of skills that I know will be helpful once I leave here, and get back into the real world.

My goal was to get to the root of my depression and anxiety, so that I could then proceed to deal with that root issue, and be able to put it behind me. I felt that with help, I gained a better understanding of where my issues were coming from, and a better understanding of myself. I was able to form a better relationship with myself, and learned some excellent skills for dealing with my depression and anxiety as I go forward in life.

I felt the medical team worked so hard just to find out where my health was at, and help me to be the healthiest me I can be. I am pregnant, and felt that they not only did an amazing job of caring for me and my health, but also made my baby a priority.

I loved that the whole center sort of acted as a family. Everyone, clients and all, were so supportive of one another, and really gave me a sense of community, and reminded me that I am not alone in these feelings, or this process. I felt that every one of my counselors was so dedicated to getting me back on my feet again, really digging into the deeper issues, rather than just the surface issues.

I just wanted to thank all of you at The Center, for dedicating so much time and energy into really looking at me, not just my issues, but me as a person, and really digging deep, to find what will work best for me in my healing process. I feel more hopeful now than ever before. I now see a bright future ahead of me. There will be many bumps along the way, but with the skills I have now, I know I can handle any obstacle that may come my way.

Andrea, 29 – Female. April, 2018

Admissions was fantastic. They answered all my questions and made me feel very prepared to come here. My team was very diverse in counsel which I really appreciate. They all had a genuine care for me and treated me with dignity and respect. Group sessions were great, but mostly the community of people. The social and communal aspect was so beneficial.

Sarah, 42 – Female. April, 2018

Amazing!! Everyone was sooooo kind and helpful! My experience was magical! The woven process of different people, perspectives and learning was super beneficial.

I am so so so thankful for my time at The Center. I feel coming here COMPLETELY will change the trajectory of my life. I can HARDLY wait to get home and into my DBT continuation. I am going to get my kids started as well. Thank you to everyone who was a part of my journey. Both seen and unseen. My heart is full and a little more healed…thank you!!

Kenneth, 40 – Male. January 2018

I came to The Center because I needed help. Depression, trauma, and professional burnout was kicking my butt. I figured out real quick that i needed to make Jesus my primary source of insight and healing then everything else fell into place rather i had good days or bad.

First, the calls with the admissions team were perfect, very welcoming and kind. They made me feel a bit more comfortable. I called at the last minute and they were able to work me into the schedule, I was pleased.

My medical team was very knowledgeable, caring and understanding. I had been taking meds for years, and I finally believe they are in order. The medical staff helped me accomplish my goal of getting off Adderall. Yesssss!!!!!

My treatment team was absolutely amazing. It was at the very end that everything really clicked. I am grateful for each ones dedication and willing to share their own struggles. They also knew how to tell people to shut up in the nicest way:) Just kidding it was more like let stay focus and keep it going. I also love the layout of the program. The ability to have a request through leaving a note and be heard was a plus. Flexible and not so ridged.

For anyone considering The Center, I give my highest recommendation. You guys are great. I believe Jesus would be pleased, I know i am

Paula, 51 – Female. December 2017

I came to The Center  for my depression education and healing from brain challenges (overstimulation and memory loss. 

My review:

Admission: Excellent! Cheerful, thorough, informative.

Treatment Team: Absolutely wonderful, supportive, way educated in their fields, caring, and encouraging.

Medical Team: Absolutely wonderful. Supportive. Way educated in their field. Caring, encouraging.

Most beneficial for me: Education, personability, caring.

Satisfaction level: Extremely satisfied with my program!

Nicole H., 46 – Female. December 2017

I came to The Center to 1) break the depression funk/cycle I had been in for several months and learn to identify value in myself again, 2) strengthen my faith in Christ, and 3) learn to love my body and address years of abusive relationship between body and self.

My experience with the treatment team: Blessed! I could not be more grateful for this team. I feel as though they truly care about me and my well-being and that they are cheering me on. They are intentional and have given me what I needed when I needed it which was not always what I wanted to hear but certainly what I needed to hear. The staff here is EXCEPTIONAL and truly a gift from God.

I am grateful and thankful. Thank you!

Kyle, 19 – Male. December 2017

I came here to get my life in order and stay off drugs so I can have a career. I loved the admission team. They were very kind. The treatment was absolutely amazing.

Thank you so much for helping me. I really needed this and it was the best experience they I’ve had with treatment. Thank you.

Neal, 40 – Male. November 2017

My first impression of The Center was excellent. My call with the admissions team was very organized, professional and engaging. I had high expectation of The Center (which were met in abundance) after working with them. My primary concern before coming was to understand what was wrong with me and why all previous therapy programs didn’t seem to work. (Which I now understand that these previous programs were only attempting to treat symptoms – not the root (not to be confused with the cause) of my issues).

My one-on-ones were right on the mark. Between the Biblical counseling received, the HEALS program, and the classes (apart from DBT- especially CBT, Boundaries and Faith) I now believe the root of my bringing issues was that I did not have any self-worth apart from my performance in the given role I was fulfilling at any given time (Husband, Father, Employee, Soldier, Student, etc.) and have a whole different schema through which I am viewing life, myself and those with whom and am relating. Though I find the DBT a critical part of the program, my comments above were with regard to my healing – I believe DBT is going to be critical to master going forward as it provides skills that I did not learn during my emotional development thus far.

The medical team was excellent – very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. Completely exceeded my expectations (as I was only expecting Mental Health Treatment), especially the DNA test ordered and thoroughly explained – answered a few lingering questions as to why previous psychiatric medication treatment have had a radically opposite effect than my psychiatric provider at home intended – I hope to gain more insights as I study the results of the DNA test more.

my entire treatment team to be excellent teachers/group facilitators (the classes tended to shift back and forth between class and group therapy) as they are not only very knowledgeable, able to communicate that knowledge in a understandable way – but are highly skilled at knowing when to shift into group-therapy mode as needed and facilitate this aspect without getting side tracked.

Aside from the whole person approach and DBT, which I think was key – if I had to pick one aspect that was most beneficial to me, it would be the group therapy. Though the information and skills that the program is designed to impart was integral to my overall experience here, I don’t think I would have been able to apply those well, if at all, without the testimonies of my fellow and the experiences that they have shared.

I give my strongest recommendation to The Center for anyone considering treatment.

Julie, 49 – Female. October 2017

I came the The Center because I of my broken marriage. I had given up after suffering years of emotional abuse and I was completely depleted. Every morning when I would wake up and I would realize I was awake I would began to cry realizing I would somehow have to make it until bedtime home alone and single with 2 teenagers that I desperately loved but had no way to feel I was adequate to handle anything. I had just been shamed for 4 months by my church and I was despairing isolated and filled with darkness and shame. I came to The Center because the admission’s individual with whom I spoke, their words were so life giving that I was hoping God would help me here.

The admissions team was loving, compassionate, encouraging, patient, gentle and wise. The admissions director truly infused hope into my heart and made me feel so valuable and gave me peace. She spoke words of life to me and she truly knocked some shame off of me that was trying to crush me. She believed for me things I could not yet believe. She prayed for me and sent me scripture. She helped give me a countdown that helped me stay focused on getting here. The times I would be filled with fear and panic and worry and write incredibly long and anxious emails she always lovingly and gently let me know that she understood and she comforted me and really each interaction she reduced shame, infused hope and peace into my heart! Another member of the admission team’s loving and kind encouragement to bring my guitar was a HUGE blessing and a true part of my healing!! This dynamic duo lets the kindness and gentleness of Christ shine through them so brightly and truly helped guide me here!

You helped save my life, my marriage and you have forever changed my life and my marriage!! My children will be loved so much more deeply and fully in healthy ways. I know God will use this to break Generational curses and sins in our families!! Dr. Jantz forever thank you and may God pour HIS mighty favor on you and every single person who works here and walks through your doors!! Come to Charlotte NC and do seminars!! We will help! You all have given me comfort and love from God and I will take this and go and comfort myself, my marriage my precious children and the people God brings though my life. Thank you for my life. I will go and live a VERY meaningful life with purpose!!

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