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    Client Testimonials

    The Center • A Place of HOPE

    Testimonials from our Clients


    If you’re wondering what to expect from The Center • A Place of HOPE, read and listen to what others have experienced. We are staffed with world-class, licensed professionals who truly care about your well-being and focus on your recovery utilizing proven, lasting whole-person care. From depression or anxiety, chemical or alcohol addiction, abusive relationships, to eating disorders, post traumatic stress disorder, and more, treatment at The Center • A Place of HOPE is a calm, caring experience that produces long-lasting results.

    Andrew, 21 – Male. April 2017

    My experience with my treatment team was all a positive experience, I learned so much!

    I really believe music is a very healthy and therapeutic way to help you feel emotion and work through issues.

    I am so grateful for everyone and everything I learned here! I am sad I’m leaving, but I know I must go apply these skills at home and achieve my goals and dreams!




    Larry, 67 – Male. May 2017

    My primary goals in coming to The Center was to gain knowledge and tools to help me become more able to overcome my problems.

    My treatment team were all outstanding!

    I found the one-on-ones and the faith classes to be some of the most beneficial aspects of the program I participated in. 

    Mary, 55 – Female. May 2017

    The Center’s holistic approach is what I was looking for as life experience has revealed just how complicated we humans are.

    I do feel this has helped me come to a point of Hope more quickly and clearly than I had even initially hoped. Including spiritual guidance resonated deeply with me and I am not sure that I have fully experienced how positively this will benefit me on my journey but expect it to continue to aid me in refreshing my spiritual walk.

    I am also greatly appreciative that you have Naturopathic Doctors on staff…this was a part of my decision to come here as I have a very good Naturopath I have seen for many years and appreciate the alternative approach to health.

    My treatment team was amazing! Everyone was kind, gentle, understanding and provided appropriate and heartfelt guidance covering emotional, spiritual, health and relational assistance. They added thought provoking questions to help me think, value myself and evaluate my situations and experiences.

    Devin, 42 – Male. April 2017

    My Treatment team were very good at what they do! They each had a different approach or style to helping me. This allowed me to work through my issues to see what worked best for me.

    The science behind some topics helped me BELIEVE there was hope. Showing me videos about scientific studies done to deal with my problem gave me concrete proof to focus on. 

    It was comforting to know that recovery could be done and that even though it might take years to do it fully, I would see overall improvement as time went by. You can’t say it enough. Practice makes permanent.

    I’m grateful to you all. You’ve been an incredible help to me in my darkest time. I wish I could express this better but, thank you. I’m terrified of leaving this place, I don’t know for sure if I’m ready. But you all have at least given me some tools and skills to use in my recovery. Most importantly you gave me hope when I had none. Thank you!

    Sarah, 28 – Female. April 2017

    I came not knowing how to do one more day. I wanted to leave being able to survive a day. My support back home wanted me to get my feet under me so that I could do more than just survive, but be able to engage in life little by little. 

    One treatment team member in particular was my inspiration. She gave me the courage to dream again and I valued all the times she reached out to me with things she found that would be helpful. I loved having her lead groups, especially art therapy.

    I 100 percent approve. My treatment team was fantastic!


    Rebecca, 55 – Female. April 2017

    I came to understand why I have to numb my emotions with substances and to get the right tools to help with some depression and a lot of anxiety, especially social anxiety.

    My treatment team was amazing! Everyone was very caring, compassionate, patient, and sincere. They were all very knowledgeable and really made me dig down deep. I really related to my two primary therapists. I was able to be vulnerable with them in a safe setting. I am so appreciative of the time and effort they poured into me.

    My experience here was outstanding and I am grateful to God for leading me here and grateful to every single staff member for all their support!!! So very helpful and much appreciated!!!





    Andrew, 42 – Male. April 2017

    I came to the Center to get better for myself and for my family. It was tough at first, but once I was able to open up and bought in, it started to get a lot better. The treatment team was very helpful. Each one brought unique benefits to my program and I learned a lot. Thank you for the help you gave me and for showing me hope again. I am excited to go back to my family and work on the things I learned.

    Rick, 53 – Male. April 2017

    Just outstanding. Every single person I came in contact with in every facet was outstanding. You all are amazing! Be proud of the way you compassionately change lives. I made the right choice to come here and feel blessed to have spent two weeks here.

    Overall, I am so happy I trusted my instincts and choose to come here. I have no regrets! While it has only been two weeks I have not felt this good, or this optimistic in years! I have learned things about myself that have been buried since childhood that may never have surfaced had I decided to try this back home or by myself. I has been nothing short of an amazing experience that anyone could benefit from…not just those with “issues” because frankly we all have “issues”. Thank You from the “center” of my heart!

    Kamilah, 32 – Female. February 2017

    My number one primary goal in coming was to finally be in a safe place to process my trauma where I could really just talk about it and be 100% honest and vulnerable and have all the support I needed while doing so.

    Everyone I talked to in Admissions was very thorough and helpful in answering all of my questions (and I had a lot). They also were reassuring to my mother, which I appreciated. It was nice to talk to such kind people and have it not feel fake. When I got to The Center I knew it was not just an act because everyone at The Center was just as kind.

    My treatment team was AMAZING!!! I do not say this lightly but I truly do believe that God hand picked everyone for me from all my therapists and doctors down to having Randi check my meds and take my blood draws. I really felt like I could just be me and not judged or condemned for any of my thoughts, feelings or past.

    My medical team was great. Everyone was very attentive to my needs. I am leaving feeling so much more empowered about taking control of my health and advocating for myself.

    Grateful and so thankful.




    Valerie, 45 – Female. January 2017

    I called on a Sunday and admissions happened to pick up the phone. I was very emotional but the gentleman on the phone completely put me at ease. He asked enough questions to help me to feel understood an heard then explained the process in a way that was calming and encouraging. I felt very safe at a moment in my life that I was very unsure. I came in the next day and yet another admissions team member was amazing as well. She was caring and sympathetic. She is definitely represents The Center perfectly. Again, I felt safe.

    I truly would not be here if even one slight thing felt off. For me, the timing was exactly what I needed. I can’t think of any way that I would have felt more confident in my experience.I needed some distance from the chaos of my life to get perspective and direction. I have known for a long time the things that I needed to do for myself and my family but could not find a peaceful place in my soul to even think straight. My goal was to reframe my life and find myself in the mess. I wasn’t sure what that meant.

    My experience with my treatment team was very cohesive. I felt that each member was informed and a part of my assessment and goals of care. In my professional life, I am responsible for pulling information across multiple disciplines and levels of care and it sometimes feels impossible to create a comprehensive plan of care. Here, I felt that I was gently moved through a team of providers who were qualified to contribute their individual perspective and they came up with a pretty clear picture of what I needed. When the plan of care was presented to me it was completely on target.

    My medical team was able to provide me with the medical support that I needed both physically and emotionally. I know how rare that is. I felt in charge of my healthcare decisions with the support I needed.

    I only had one Faith group but I was so moved by France’s delivery and inspiration. I walked out of the class and realized that, though I was raised Catholic and religion was a big part of my life, I finally truly understood what faith meant.

    I think my appreciation comes across pretty clearly in my previous comments but I will re-iterate how impressed I have been. Some words to describe, safe, supported, informed, guided, stabilized, connection. Thank you



    Heather, 55 – Female. January 2017

    I came to A Place of Hope to improve my depression, isolation and suicidal ideation. My treatment team was very professional, caring and understanding. I really felt that I made some breakthroughs that will stick with me as I leave the program.

    I think that the intense 1:1 and the emotional abuse class were probably my most beneficial. They helped to focus on the trauma and the DBT classes helped with tools. I am getting close to radical acceptance of my situation. I just want to say Thank You SO much for helping me on this long journey. I’m trying to not be dependent on the Center when I start getting to a really dark place, but I feel blessed that you are so close that I have been able to seek shelter here when it was needed. You have changed my life and I am forever grateful. God bless.


    Rachel, 22 – Female. January 2017

    I came to The Center because I wanted to be able to address my issues head on and no longer ignore what was right in front of me. I wanted to be able to learn new tools to be able to cope with every day life.

    I really enjoyed my treatment team. They were amazing!!! I felt like I was able to go to any of them for anything.I loved the structure that was provided and how we had a schedule. I loved the different groups and how it was individualized. Overall, The Center was an amazing experience. These past eight weeks have been life changing. It was hard, gut-retching hard. But it was worth every terrifying, unsure moment. Thank you so much for this experience. I come away from it with tools I never knew existed and a hope I never knew I could have.


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