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Eating Disorder Counselor

Do you have eating disorder counselors who can also treat depression?

The eating disorder counselors at The Center • Place of HOPE are equipped to care for clients who need counseling for other areas of their lives. If you’re in need of an alternative, holistic eating disorder therapist, and you feel you may benefit more from treatment for eating disorder that uses integrated medicine techniques, then contact us today! Our rehab clinic treats the core psychology of an eating disorder patient, with all the latest, up-to-date resources on mental health available, and which are used in your recovery program.
Eating Disorder Counselor

A Place of Hope’s Center for Treatment offers you:

  • An eating disorder counselor with full psychology credentials
  • Holistic eating disorder treatment recovery programs
  • Caring eating disorder therapists with full resources
  • Intensive treatment and rehab for eating disorders
  • Therapy for anorexia, bulimia, and other mental health issues
  • Treatment for families, couples, and adolescents

Contact us today for intensive, integrated eating disorder treatment that utilizes the full complement of psychology and mental health resources to give you the best alternative treatment for eating disorder that can be found today! Our eating disorder therapists offer you an effective recovery program that assures you stay well for good. We have just the eating disorder counselor to make your stay at our clinic enjoyable.

A Place of Hope can truly help you get back on your feet after suffering from a binge eating disorder, with effective, alternative eating disorder treatment, and eating disorder therapists who truly care about your well being. We understand the psychology and mental health needs of the eating disorder sufferer, and offer a unique eating disorder treatment/rehabilitation strategy, making for a well-rounded recovery program for you or any loved one needing effective treatment.

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