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The Center • A Place of HOPE

Whole-Person Care and a World-Class Staff

  • The Center • A Place of HOPE is a Licensed Treatment Facility and has been providing comprehensive, professional excellence in treatment and whole-person care for addictions, depression, trauma and other life challenges since 1984.
  • Our vision is to be “A Place of Hope,” accomplished by providing “inspired healthcare” for restoring balance to the body, mind and spirit.
  • Our Treatment Programs for addictions and other issues include Abuse and Trauma Healing, Depression, Eating Disorders, Personal Wellness, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Relationship Issues, Sexual Addiction, Spiritual Renewal and other challenges.
  • The Center • A Place of HOPE tailors its programs by providing dedicated teams to every man and woman, including our treatment for men with eating disorders.
  • Our Day Treatment programs may be appropriate for certain individuals and are offered at a fraction of the cost of most in-patient, hospital-based programs.
  • Not only can you read testimonials from clients who have found Hope and help at The Center • A Place of HOPE – you can also request to speak with one of them about their personal experience and hear their firsthand recommendation for our treatment programs.
  • Each person is ultimately responsible for their own personal recovery – from addictions and other life challenges – but we give you our promise to do our very best, to give you our very best, and to stay with you each step of the way toward healing, recovery and a return to happiness.

“For I know the thoughts I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” ~Jeremiah 29:11, NIV

7 Ways Our Approach is Unique

  1. We believe and understand that Hope is available for every person. In over 30 years of treatment, we’ve seen countless miracles of God’s grace, manifested through our whole-person care for addictions and other issues.
  2. We have assembled a comprehensive recovery team of psychologists, licensed counselors, a certified eating disorder specialist, medical personnel, board certified psychiatrist, dieticians, licensed social workers, depression experts, licensed marriage and family therapists, certified chemical dependency professionals, RN, fitness trainer and various specialists. Our team represents the very Whole Person Care Matrixbest in treatment – professionals who are called into the ministry of Hope and Healing.
  3. The whole-person approach to treatment integrates all aspects of a person’s life:
    • Emotional well-being
    • Physical health
    • Spiritual peace
    • Relational happiness
    • Intellectual growth
    • Nutritional vitality
  4. Our life-affirming treatment for addictions and other issues has been endorsed by many experts, including Dr. Abram Hoffer, M.D., Ph.D., one of the world’s foremost psychiatrists. Read Dr. Hoffer’s Review of our whole-person approach in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine.
  5. We understand addiction and recovery. Our Hope-filled treatment recovery programs work with some of the most challenging issues – anorexia, bulimia, compulsive overeating, binge eating, obesity, bi-polar disorder, and addictions of all types.
  6. At the heart of our whole-person treatment philosophy is to resolve root issues that create and perpetuate unhappiness and unhealthy life patterns.
  7. Those who have been helped through The Center’s whole-person treatment approach – for addictions and other issues – are willing to share their experiences. Read their testimonials or request to speak with someone yourself.

Free Initial Consultation

We encourage you to visit with our team of professionals regarding the depression treatment services you need. You may reach us by filling out this form or by calling 1-888-771-5166 / 425-771-5166. Financing is available.