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A Place of Hope’s Depression Treatment Ranked in the top 10 treatment centers in the United States

The Center • A Place of HOPE was ranked in the top 10 for depression treatment in a recent review conducted by the Newsmax organization. The survey, which was based on patient feedback and internet research, ranked the top ten treatment centers for depression treatment in America run by private organizations. The Center, which was founded by mental health expert and best-selling author Dr. Gregory Jantz, Ph.D., also offers treatment programs for a variety of other issues including eating disorders, OCD, PTSD, anxiety, sex addiction and more. Its place at the top of the Newsmax survey speaks volumes as to the effectiveness of A Place of Hope’s unique “whole-person” approach to treatment.

In their review, Newsmax revealed some of the criteria by which the best run treatment programs were chosen, saying good depression treatment centers generally include:

  • A holistic therapy set-up that provides a diet and exercise plan
  • Counseling sessions
  • Talk therapy sessions
  • Recommended medications,
  • Motivational tapes and other materials

“Being ranked at the top of this important survey is a great honor for A Place of Hope,” says Dr. Jantz. “Depression is a growing issue in America and around the world, and the quick fix of chemical solutions is not addressing the issue in a real way. It is important to focus on healing the whole person, and that means addressing the emotional, environmental, relational, physical, and spiritual causes of an individual’s depression.”

The Center for Counseling and Health Resources offers a whole-person approach to treatment for depression as well as a host of other issues. Patients at The Center benefit from a custom plan of treatment and a diverse staff of specialists that allow for an exploration of the psychological, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, nutritional and relational issues at play. The Center’s partial hospitalization/day treatment program accomplishes in four weeks of six-day-a-week intervention what would take over a year or more to accomplish in one hour weekly of outpatient therapy.

You may reach The Center for Counseling and Health Resources at (888) 771-5166, or online at www.aplaceofhope.com.