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A Place of HOPE for Those Suffering with Depression

A Place of HOPE for Those Suffering with Depression
Alleviating the dark clouds of depression can open a person’s once elusive path towards self-actualization and spiritual freedom. The professionals at The Center  A Place of HOPE, have the expertise and experience needed to help depressed individuals change their lives and experience this freedom. For over 24 years, A Place of Hope has provided whole-person care, a Depression Treatment that emphasizes the various emotional, intellectual, relational, physical, nutritional and spiritual dimensions of a patient. The Center’s Depression Therapy effectively treats a client’s mind, body and soul.

Depression in a man, woman or adolescent all carry their own particular sets of circumstances and dilemmas. That’s why A Place of Hope’s patients receive treatment programs that are individually tailored to each patient’s needs. While high doses of medication merely mask Depression Symptoms, The Center’s multidimensional approach focuses on the root causes, as evidenced by the symptoms. Whole-person therapy is a comprehensive treatment that appropriately addresses the numerous biological, psychological, and sociological aspects of the whole person; known as the transpiring biopsychosocial interactions. A change in one affects the others, and this understanding is crucial for long-term recovery results. With wisdom and unconditional positive regard, A Place of Hope provides patients with whole-person care and a real Depression Cure.

Dr. Gregory L. Jantz, Ph.D., is the executive director and founder of The Center • A Place of HOPE. He’s also a nationally certified psychologist, popular speaker, and award-winning author. In one of his books entitled, “Moving Beyond Depression,” Dr. Jantz writes, “Recovery causes you to see your world anew. Coming out of depression is like experiencing a fresh new life.” Certainly, those who have received hope, help, and healing concur.

The Center provides flexible scheduling for patients in the Seattle, Washington area and Nationwide. A Place of Hope.com is a website that allows potential clients access to quality assistance and care at the touch of a button. At the same time, it enables people to inquire about Specialized Intensive Treatments that can transcend a patient’s previous psychological states. The Center’s whole-person care comes complete with a licensed team of Mental Health, Medical and Chemical Dependency counselors. A Place of Hope’s professional counseling services provide patients with complete confidentiality, real solutions, recovery results, a spiritual path towards self-actualization, and a newfound freedom that lies beyond depression.

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