Mary, 55 – Female. May 2017

The Center’s holistic approach is what I was looking for as life experience has revealed just how complicated we humans are. I do feel this has helped me come to a point of Hope more quickly and clearly than I had even initially hoped. My treatment team at The Center was amazing! Everyone was kind, gentle, understanding and provided appropriate and heartfelt guidance covering emotional, spiritual, health and relational assistance; adding thought provoking questions to help me think, value myself and evaluate my situations and experiences.

Anna, 26 – Female. May 2017

By coming to The Center, I wanted to address my main issue of depression and anxiety. I wanted to leave with tools to better cope with sever depression and anxiety. The treatment team overall was great! Everyone for the most part was extremely helpful and available when needed.

Shelley, 37 – Female. May 2017

I feel very fortunate that I connected with everyone on my treatment team. Each one had their own personality and way of helping me. They all helped me tremendously through their approaches with the different issues I have. Thank you to everyone at The Center for all the smiles and support while I’ve been here!

Joseph, 23 – Male. May 2017

My primary goals in coming to The Center were to find ways to not let my anxiety and depression consume me anymore. My treatment team was amazing. They helped me more than I could have ever expected. Obviously I’m not 100% fixed, no one is but they addressed all my issues and helped me find healthy way to move forward. Along with all the skills and tools I learned in groups.

Holly, 46 – Female. May 2017

One of my team members in particular was always supportive and cheerful on the down days. She made me feel comfortable that I could get help when needed. The aspects of the treatment program I found to be most beneficial are the writing classes – what a gift. I am so lucky that was added and I got to participate!

Anne, 37 – Female. May 2017

My primary goals in coming to The Center was a place of hope and healing to move forward in my life where I address the person I am and the person I’m becoming. DBT will be a lifelong journey of learning and integrating into my being, I’m thankful for the material garnered.

Maria, 40 – Female. May 2017

I was VERY please with my treatment team. They helped me through what I thought was my only issue, but to find out there were deeper issues I don’t feel I would’ve found had I not come here. One of my team members was AMAZING! She helped me in so many ways. I felt she really understood me and cared about what I was going through.

Barbara, 60 – Female. May 2017

I really utilized all aspects of the program. Not only those that were scheduled, but really took an attitude to take advantage of the whole experience. I think that my care here was excellent! I knew that you would be able to help me. I think this belief in your abilities allowed me to begin healing as quickly as I could. Thank you!